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Office Hours

Have you ever had questions about our communications? 

Do you need clarification on our emails? We want to help!

Join the Student Learning & Partner Success team for Office Hours Friday, May 6th

We will:

  • Review communications
  • Answer your general questions
  • Discuss updates/breaking news

Please note: We cannot answer questions about specific students; however, we can help with general questions you may have about any of the school communications.


Join us to learn about the FES-UA program for the 2022-23 school year.

June 14 8 AM – CLICK HERE

Juen 15 10 AM – CLICK HERE 

June 15 1 PM – CLICK HERE 

We will cover:

• Recap of the FES-UA program (especially important for new FES-UA schools)
• Creating a FES-UA provider account for your school
• Submitting invoices for FES-UA students attending your private school, including a
new, expedited invoicing process for schools with a large number of FES-UA students
• Payment overview and more!