Free Resources to Support Evaluating Your Curriculum

Erica Peron School Leadership Resources

Administrators, it’s the start of Spring and a great time to look ahead! Have you taken some time to reflect on your school’s current curriculum? Are you considering a change? This month’s resources aim to help you reflect, explore, and plan for any possible curriculum changes next year!

Does the curriculum need to change?
What are we looking for in new curriculum?
Lay out the action plan and create your timeline.
Need more support?
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Professional Learning Ideas to Improve Cultural Responsiveness at Your School All Year!

Erica Peron School Leadership Resources

As you know, February is Black History Month. We know that school leaders are always looking for new ways to lead their school communities to positive change and growth.This month we hope to connect administrators to inspiring resources that encourage cultural responsiveness and inclusion not just in February, but all year!
Check out the articles, webinars, and professional learning options below and be sure to share them with your teaching staff!

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Resources for Planning & Reviewing Your School’s Budget

Erica Peron School Leadership Resources

We know that January marks the time for many school administrators to examine their budgets for next school year. This month’s resources aim to help any new administrators that might struggle with this process and inspire those veteran administrators to find new creative ways to do more with limited resources!

For Assistance with Budget Reviewing & Planning:
Advice on Doing More with Less:
Don’t Forget to Nominate a Student for the Rising Stars Awards! Nominations close on January 31st. Click here to learn more & nominate today!
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Your First Faculty Meeting of 2020: Planned with FREE Resources Here!

Erica Peron School Leadership Resources

As the holiday break draws near, we know your focus is turning to the new semester ahead. This month’s post contains resources to help you plan a powerful faculty meeting to kick off the New Year! Explore the meeting agenda template, the semester in review activity, and the options for team building exercises linked below. Happy planning!
The Agenda

At the first meeting of a new semester, you will want to keep it simple and inspiring while still helping your faculty set intentions and lay the foundations for a fantastic new year.

The Semester in Review

This activity is designed to help your teachers reflect on the first semester in key areas that impact student learning and growth. The third page will be turned into you the administrator to give you insights into the goals and needs of your staff. Encourage teachers to discuss their answers!

Team Building Activities: 

Resource Alert! Have you heard about Algebra Nation?
Teachers, School Administrators and Principals:

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3 Simple Actions to Improve STEM at Your School

Erica Peron School Leadership Resources

Improve Technology at Your School without Breaking the Bank
  • Microsoft has partnered with many of our schools to offer affordable options for purchasing or leasing devices & software.

– Questions? Want to talk with someone about technology at your school? Contact Wildaliz Ramos, our Education Expert from Microsoft at

– Microsoft is offering a Minecraft Cart Bundle complete with 30 laptops, the Minecraft STEM aligned educational program, and Microsoft 365 for Education. Click here to learn more!

Find Quality Curriculum at a Lower Cost
  • Have you heard of EVERFI? Step Up for Students is excited to share our continued partnership to bring EVERFI’s digital learning platform to your school at NO COST. These free courses are student-paced, grade themselves and come with supplemental lesson plans.
    • The courses address topics such as Character Education, Financial Literacy, Bullying Prevention, STEM education, and many more.
    • Your school is already set up and has full access! 1) Visit 2) Select Florida 3) Type in the first part of your school name to get started. EVERFI also provides training and support to your teachers cost-free. Contact Liam Obrien at or 241-886-0690 with questions or to schedule a training for your staff.
Offer Free STEM focused Professional Learning Options for Interested Teachers

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#ThankAPrincipal: Resources for You!

Erica Peron School Leadership Resources

October is National Principals Month! This month, we wanted to provide you with resources to help you learn and grow as an administrator. Explore the webinars, inspirational articles, and resources linked below. Thank you for all that you do to support your schools! #ThankAPrincipal


  • Struggling to make changes at your school? Do you feel like the mountain is too high to climb? See how a principal in Vero Beach, Florida transformed her school from an F to a C rating. Watch the video and read the article from NAESP here.
  • No matter what area of school improvement you are trying to impact, the Office of Student Learning has tools and ideas to help you get started! Check out our padlet full of free resources, guides, templates, and checklists for topics like school improvement, fundraising, compliance, safety, achievement testing, and so much more! Click here to explore the resources.
Professional Development Resources to Sharpen Your Saw

As administrators, sometimes we spend so much time and effort on professional learning for teachers, that we forget the importance of sharpening our own saws! Explore these free webinars and online learning options unique to administrators.  

Check out these other exciting free resources for your school!
  • Reading Eggs through Edmentum: Looking for support for your struggling readers aged 2-13? Reading Eggs is an award-winning program that uses games to engage students in learning to read. Reading Eggs is offering a FREE 4-week trial through October 31st.
  • Book It!: BOOK IT! motivates children to read by rewarding their reading accomplishments with praise, recognition and pizza from Pizza Hut. The program is simple, flexible, fun and free to use in your classroom! BOOK IT! was created in 1984 and currently reaches more than 14 million students and 37,000 K-6 grade schools annually.
  • Lead4change: Lead4Change is a FREE leadership program where students identify and use their leadership skills by doing a service project. The ready to use lesson plans will take you through the steps of leadership and service. All resources are available to registered members for free.

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Be Visible: 3 Tips to Implement Effective Walkthroughs at Your School

Erica Peron School Leadership Resources

Classroom observations often have a negative connotation as teachers dread the designated day when the principal comes in to evaluate their effectiveness. The students are often nervous and rigid, the teacher is wearing his or her best outfit and has planned an extra special lesson. The atmosphere in the classroom is somewhat tense and is usually far from a normal day. So how can an administrator get a better idea of what’s going on in the classroom? The answer: Be visible!

This month’s resources are designed to help administrators transition from only utilizing formal yearly evaluations, to implementing weekly or monthly mini-walkthroughs and check-ins. Explore the 3 tips below to implement effective walkthroughs at your school!

  1. Convey the right message
  1. Set a school-wide goal or focus for the year & keep the visit simple
    • Try a Three Minute Debrief:
      • One positive comment
      • One prompt, suggestion, or question
      • One follow-up piece
    • Communicate your debrief face to face, in a handwritten note, or via email. If you leave a note or an email, be sure to follow-up face to face.
    • Plan a formal sit down with the teacher after 10-12 sessions. Watch how one administrator handled their formal discussion here.


We’ve also partnered with two educational companies that are offering discounts to our schools through September 30th. Check out the offers from Reading A-Z and Edmentum here!

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Start the Year Off Right by Building a Positive Staff Culture

Erica Peron School Leadership Resources

One of the most important priorities for the new school year is fostering a positive school and staff culture. This month’s resources will support your efforts to plan effective faculty meetings, build positive school culture, and schedule meaningful professional learning.

Building a Positive Culture

Improving Faculty Meetings

Professional Learning

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Reflect on the Year & Renew Your Passion

Erica Peron School Leadership Resources

Feeling drained at the end of this school year? This month’s resources were chosen to help you reflect on the successes and challenges of the year and inspire you to renew your work with passion!


Did You Know?
  • The Teaching and Learning Exchange will be adding transcripts for the 2019-2020 school year! To stay informed with updates or to learn more about the TLE click here!
  • The Office of Student Learning has partnered with BloomBoard in our Choice Leader of Excellence Certification Program that is aligned to the Professional Standards for Educational Leaders (PSEL) and delivered in Micro-credential online format.  By earning the Choice Leader of Excellence certification, school leaders build leadership capacity, gain statewide recognition, be better positioned to increase enrollment, and attract high-quality staff to their school.  To learn more about this program click here.

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End of the Year Resources

Erica Peron School Leadership Resources

We know that May is a busy month for administrators. This month’s post aims to provide resources for your end of the year responsibilities!

Spring Assessment:

Use Spring assessment data to plan for new school year. Remember it is important to share the Spring assessment results with students to increase motivation and student accountability!

  • Check out this article from NWEA on how to use your Spring assessment data to reflect and do some end of the year planning.
Planning for the Future:

Connect to organizations that benefit private schools & explore resources on accreditation.

  • Why should I care about accreditation? School accreditation is often considered the cornerstone of the educational quality control process. It provides documentation that your school has met the standards of quality established as best practice within the private school community and allows your school to stay independent while also acknowledging that you are open to a higher level of accountability. While accreditation is voluntary, it does show a greater degree of transparency to all stakeholders and everyone who has an interest in the school in any capacity.
Management of Facilities:

Get a jump on building maintenance, inventory, and safety.